Indian Cuisine – Popularity and Availability



Summary:  A country’s culture revolves not just around its monuments or history – its cuisine is an important part as well.  It is usually a testament to how indigenous people use what is available to eat – most often, a number of food habits are driven by religious beliefs as well. A live example is the Indian Cuisine.

India is a sprawling country with many different religions and regions.  North to South, different kinds of grains are grown depending on the weather. This aspect, prevailing customs and religious beliefs offer up a mind boggling array of foods to delight and intrigue the palate.  Indian cuisine is slowly gaining ground and finding favor with people all over the world – why and how?

·         Flavors: Ingredients like vegetables, grains and meats are used in several combinations to bring out the best flavors which tantalize the taste buds and make for a satisfying and memorable meal.

·         Wide selection:  There are many options available to suit every need and taste – people are spoiled for choice – spicy, non-spicy, rich or mild.

·         Vegetarian or Non-Vegetarian:  Indian cuisine is perhaps one of the few to offer such a wide variety to choose from.  Many people choose to never eat meat all their lives and others choose to eat kosher or regular versions of meat.  Every state in India has an amazing variety of dishes to choose from.

·         Restricted Diets:  Many people with dietary problems would be able to find something to sustain and nourish them.  Most of the dishes are made with fresh ingredients every day.

·         Easy to follow recipes:  With its growing popularity, many more people are getting interested in incorporating new dishes into their diet.  Most of the dishes are easy to make and this fosters an interest for cooking as well as eating.

Other Interesting Facts:

India, with its long and checkered history of invasions has incorporated many food traditions – with its ability to cultivate many different spices, all of these items have found their uses.  North to South, East to West, most Indians and food connoisseurs are spoiled for choice.  Choose from fresh water or ocean fish, different kinds of meats, fiery south Indian fare or mellow North Indian dishes, root vegetables, all manner of lentils and their preparations, a multitude of vegetable combinations – one lifetime is definitely not enough to cover the gamut.

Dairy products find their way into the food in a variety of ways – paneer, yoghurt, desserts made with milk and nuts to name a few.  One can find distinct cuisines in each state in India – what better way to experience the culture of a country and meet its people while enjoying a meal with them?  If one is unable to travel, then there is always the ubiquitous Indian restaurant to get one’s food fix.