Mexican Cuisine – Why it is so popular in North America



Summary: Thanks to its proximity to the United States, Mexico is a popular destination, whether it is winter or summer. Many people also enjoy Mexican food as the original versions of many dishes taste really wonderful and exotic – thanks to the native ingredients as well as the Spanish and Aztec influences.

The most important staples in Mexican cuisine are meats from different domesticated animals and fowl – like beef, chicken and pork. Paired with dairy and different herbs, all of the food is well balanced for taste. Quite a few of the Spanish cooking techniques began to be incorporated into Mexican cooking – through the centuries, each region developed their own specialties.

Top Delicacies:

Mexican food is very complex and all the dishes are created with local ingredients and a few that were brought in by the Spanish conquistadors – tomatoes, avocados, squashes, cocoa, etc. Mexican cuisine uses ingredients like edible flowers as well. Fruits like guavas, mangoes and pineapples are very popular with locals and visitors alike – thanks to its tropical climate, most of the fruits grow year round. Corn is still the staple food in Mexico regardless of the fact that rice and wheat are available. Corn flour is used to make tamales, tortillas and sope – tortillas are made with other ingredients as well.

Though Mexican cuisine uses a lot of chili peppers in their food – it is used quite a lot for the flavor and in some ares for the heat as well. Some of the well-known dishes are pozole, tacos, enchiladas, gorditas, soups, and conchinita pibil (a pork dish). Mexico is pretty well known for its cheeses as well. Most Mexican meals consist of a soup, a meat dish cooked in a sauce and served salsa, black beans and tortillas on the side. It is followed by some sweet bread and coffee.

Another famous dish is the tamale – it is a dumpling made from cornmeal and filled with meat, steamed in corn husk wrappings, alternately in banana leaves in the south. Street food is very popular in Mexico as well – one can expect to find some of the best tacos, pambazos, quesadillas and tamales. Most often than not the filling is roasted chicken as many homes don’t have an oven to cook the chicken the way they would like. Mexico with its long coastline also has a lot of seafood dishes. One of the most famous is Ceviche or the shrimp cocktail. There are indeed many delights to be discovered – including margaritas. Barbecued meats with vegetables are a favorite dish year round – the Carne asada. Soups are pretty much a staple as well – try the caldo de pollo(chicken soup) or caldo de camaron (shrimp soup). The list is long and mostly favors those who enjoy eating meat and seafood.